Dogtown and Zboys

Dogtown and Zboys


Film: Original 35mm film with plexi

Size: 24.75"w x 24.75"h x 3”d

Frame: 1” Baltic Birch Ply Satin Finish

LED: BRIGHT WHITE: 6000K LED. SMD 5630 - Our brightest / cleanest white. These are ideal for larger boxes as they have the best coverage.

Our 24" x 24" frames come with a 10’ cord and wall plug.

We also provide a cable management tube with each frame for securing your cord and wall plug to the wall.

Director: Stacy Peralta

Year: 2001

Starring: Sean Penn, Jay Adams


Dogtown and Z-Boys is an award winning 2001 documentary film directed by Stacy Peralta. The documentary explores the pioneering of the Zephyr skateboard team in the 1970s (of which Peralta was a member) and the evolving sport of skateboarding. Using a mix of film of the Zephyr skateboard team (Z-Boys) shot in the 1970s by Craig Stecyk, along with contemporary interviews, the documentary tells the story of a group of teenage surfer/skateboarders and their influence on the history of skateboarding (and to a lesser extent surfing) culture.

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